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Quote from ross183 "Daiquiri rocks. You don't. Not even close."

Hm... Daiquiri... Mike and Leigh... Buy Cd's....

Since Mike won't give me a bio... I have to do this all on my own.

Currently DQ is made up of Mike and Leigh. They both reside in Ottawa, Canada. This current line up has been since 1999. They are two fun loving guys that like 80's music and Guns'n'Roses.

Now we all know that Glenn Humplik used to be a member of this fine band, but now he is long done to become Hollywood Humplik. Which is just ok cause Daiquiri is WONDERFUL as a two piece. Now despite what you might have heard, THEY ARE NOT AN MSI RIP OFF BAND. Yea, Mike and Leigh's stage antics could very well be compared to that of Jimmy and Steve... I will have to strongly disagree. Why? I'll tell you why, just because they have a strong electronic sound now doesn't mean that they are trying to be msi. I would go on and on about their sound and everything else, blah blah blah... just fucking check them out. Do it, or Mike will pee on your shoes... when he's wearing my shoes...

1st Cd: Third World Budget
2nd Cd: Box Office Poison *(to hear TWO tracks off this http://james.unixboxes.com/daiquiri/)*


April Dates in the works for the States. Keep an eye open, especially you Midwesterns.

This Community is Maintained by missdeeisgreen If you have any questions, problems, concerns, beefs, or songs please let me know. Thanks.

www.tweek.tvheaven.com *another source for daiquiri info*

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